Obigatory Nostalgia Post

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Obigatory Nostalgia Post

Postby Albino » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:18 pm

Saw a comment in Reddit about the TSRP community, and I found myself falling down the rabbit-hole of nostalgia.

First, I recalled Rickler Making the original Mecklenburg, and the on-rails armored car that patrolled the mean streets. Then I recalled all the thousands of skins and the invention of the cuffing, phone, and economy mods. I remembered Simi Valley and tipping the cow, Juntalis and the Mexican Mafia and so many others like fodder0 and the entire crew.

I was known as Tony 'Albino' Carenth to many or most of you. To others, I may have been a velociraptor or a hitman or a temporary police contractor or any of dozens of aliases that we all had.

I searched high and low starting with Rickler's name. I found links to HL Mod sites that still host copies of the TSRP maps, or even the HL2DM rp maps. I found mention of Prodigy Clan, and now armed with 2 search criteria I was found this old forum again after many years. I can't register a new name any longer, but to my absolute surprise my login and password are still what I thought they would be.

I finally found you guys again, and I can see this place is pretty dead, but I felt it was important for me to make a post and let everyone know I miss the simple days of back-kick dives and "DMers" and everything else. You guys are part of the reason I still play so many games today. TSRP was an amazing community, and the TSRP servers were up long after all the death match players of The Specialists were gone.

If any of you guys read this and recall me from the old times, please feel free to catch up with me and send me a Steam message or add me on PSN.

Steam: h04x (displays [AF]albino or Kageyoshi)
PSN: TheAlbinoShow
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