Alright ill join cant see why not :)

Want to join Prodigy? Challenge Prodigy for a scrimage? *Prodigy points and laughs at you*

Alright ill join cant see why not :)

Postby techguy » Wed Dec 27, 2006 11:45 am

I can contribute if their are ever good clan battles. I play half-life 2, halo 2, (soon halo 3 :D ),GMOD (garrysmod)
I would LOVE to play SMOD that should be cool GMOD would be cool too
never been in other clans i only look into 1337 clans and guess your 1337 :) so i am even asking to join!
im 37 and live in California!

thanks for the oppurtunity guys hope you choose me!
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