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Were you banned for no reason or want to plead your case? Then this is the place to suck up.

Postby Police L.T. » Sun Jul 18, 2004 1:16 am

When I said "then ban serpha too" I was trying to say that in the most sarcastic manner, I kinda forgot Emoticons there.

well... I'm raped up the ass here.

Although I didnt want to argue anyone's ban, it's not my business. Although i do like Serpha and Topek, I never wanted both of them to get banned. Besides, g2Ice seems to be ignoring his PMs and avoiding topics posted by him whenever it has something to do with him out of retirement.
Police L.T.
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Postby Karazy » Sun Jul 18, 2004 1:27 am

OMFG, Topek got suspended for calling Simi horrible?

That's kind of harsh. Close to nazi.
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Postby RiCkLer » Sun Jul 18, 2004 1:34 am

Topek stays banned.
- I am sick of your flaming.
- And you asked to be banned. You even said yourself, that you should be banned. So STFU and leave already.
Serpha gets unbanned.
- I only banned serpha because; I was in the banning mod, and dan told me to ban him.
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