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Postby Richard Busch » Tue Jul 06, 2004 1:47 am

I was on today after a set of events (hehe) that are a little offhand. I kept getting drunk while I was off-duty and clerics start popping up and killing me as a "Sense Offender". I changed my name to "Sense Offender" and starting getting drunk and pissing them off. Then an Explorer by the name of Jakob Heinz says "Will an officer come to the PD to unhandcuff me?" So I went there still in my Civ character and I handcuff him. He was already unhandcuffed and he goes "WTF?" then starts attacking me. I take the cuffs off and he continues. Then he says "Why r u a civ with cop?" I said "I am a cop". Then he says "Ur banned". I thought Ok, what the hell is this rookie thinking. So I was about to change my name back to Officer Richard Busch just to clarify things and I'm kicked. What the hell was all this? Is Jakob an admin? He sure seems very childish to me jumping very fast to conclusions.
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Postby Glockwork Orange » Tue Jul 06, 2004 1:53 am

Err...dont bark up that tree richard, no offense

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Postby fodder0 » Tue Jul 06, 2004 2:04 am

ok, ill unban, but i was like wtf because you come in and cuff, i did say NM, but maybe you didnt catch it.
I was freaked pout, because it was CIV in pd and cuffed me. then you changed, and i was like i dont care your a civ stil.
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