Want To Join Prodigy?

Want to join Prodigy? Challenge Prodigy for a scrimage? *Prodigy points and laughs at you*

Postby fodder0 » Mon May 10, 2004 8:41 pm


NOT currently. But leave Application.

People wanting to join, please make a post that includes the following:
-How you can contribute to Prodigy Clan
-What games and mods you play
-What game/mod would you want to play, or take part in while in Prodigy?
-Other clans you have been in, how long too
-Age & Location.

Just write a little letter thing expressing the things above and whatever else you think you need to state in your application for joining this clan.
You will be notified in this thread if you are accepted into the clan.
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Postby Flamez » Mon May 10, 2004 8:55 pm


What can you contribute to prodigy: I am a nice guy (I think), I play alot of games, I have been around for a while so I can give advice to new forum users, and all my gaming experience.

What games and mods do you play: I play Counter-strike, Natural selection, The specialists, Age of empires 2, Red alert 2, rise of nations, star wars galactic battle grounds.

what game or mod would you like to be in: All

Other clans you have been in: Absolute zero (cs,ns,ts, I was also a major admin in this clan), The methods of destruction (cs,ns).

Age and location: I am 14 and live in massachusetts.
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Postby menotyou3020 » Mon May 10, 2004 9:04 pm

-How you can contribute to Prodigy Clan
Well, I consider myself to be pretty good in most fields each game. (Not too much on sniping) I respect my teamates and clan-leaders. I respect everyone's opinion. I'll bring a sense of leavity and light heartedness to the clan. I'll help keep order in the servers and forums. And...I"m cool like that B) .

-What games and mods you play
HL RALLY (Pretty n00bish in that)
CSTRIKE (AWP...HA, I've sniped better with the mp5)
NS (Onos? ONOES!!1! - Pretty good either side)
America's Army
Science and Industry

-Other clans you have been in
G0D + 007 (1 year ago, they're disbanded now TS&CStrike Clan)

-Age & Location.
17 - Chicago, IL
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Postby StarFire » Mon May 10, 2004 9:41 pm

ok here i go...
1) since i have been playing cs and shit lately i could give advise to new peeps that come in...
2)long list of games...NS,DOD,CS,TS,DPB,UT2004demo (i'm thinking of running a server for this) and will soon be getting alien vs preditor 2...finally multiplayer...
3)any game that is free, really fun,or cheap...
4) ex |P| member from June 17th to sometime in early march late feb...
5) 14 going on 15, Waukesha,Wisconsin...
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Postby The eXiled » Mon May 10, 2004 9:59 pm

-I'm a mapper, modeler, skinner, animator,coder, web designer and my portfolio goes of forever.I'm just the general go-to guy to get help.
-Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Half-Life 2, Lineage 2, The Specialists, Natural Selection, BattleG Grounds, Sven Coop, Need For Speed Underground, Call of Duty, Battlefield: Vietnam, Battlefield 1942, BF: Desert COmbat, War Craft 3, Age Of Empires 1 & 2, Rise Of Nations, Empire Earth, Blitzkrieg, UT2k4, Quake 3, Day of Defeat... List goes on...
-Well I was one of the greatest platers in Fargo but after I quit for a while I have kinda been sucking at Counter-Strike. Natural Selection is one my my favorite mods out there but my skills are limited. I am currently working on my Alien skills and such.
-No big clans just a few local ones. Currently I am not in any clans
-17 and Fargo North Dakota
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Postby Loki » Fri May 14, 2004 1:03 am

-How you can contribute to Prodigy Clan
Well i dont have much to contribute,am a good leader, i dont usually give up, i always get what i want. i would really like to be a apart of ricks staff on 1337gamer ive seen that people come in his channel and ask allot of questions, if i knew more i could help them out, ive helped out few people already.
-What games and mods you play
Natural Selection(Since the 1 beta)
Day of Defeat
Conterstrike(Good old WON)
Condition Zero
sven-coop(since 2.0)
The-Specialists(since the 2nd beta)
Warcraft 3
Tactical Ops
and more

-What game/mod would you want to play, or take part in while in Prodigy?
Perhaps Natural Selection or The Specialists but mostly Natural Selection. Ive played on prodigy before back when you guys had NS server but those were the days. hopefully it would go be back to that.

-Other clans you have been in, how long too
I used to play on something called Seattle T3 Servers. they were three 32 man cs servers. Ive been in little clans that played in it but never were too long and a NS clan called NI - Natural Instinct
-Age & Location.

Postby AntonioDebanderas » Sat May 15, 2004 1:14 am

How you can contribute to Prodigy Clan
I play fair and respect Clanmates as well as other players. I've been a fellow CS players for about 4years and every mod led up after that. I always like to help around and fill-in for people who cannot complete their duties at the time being.
-What games and mods you play
-What game/mod would you want to play, or take part in while in Prodigy?
NS or CS
-Other clans you have been in, how long too
[iChiBaN] 3 years
[MooCow] 1week
[E] 4months CAL-O CAL-I Leagues
-Age & Location.
15, El Monte California
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Postby owen » Sun May 16, 2004 7:09 am

err... ok, here's an app for the clan since i think it's kinda neat and all, far more relaxed and homely than EXP or DRS.

I think that i can contribute to prodigy clan because i am one of those people, who are good at looking after themselves, but also likes working in a team, I like being part of a group that can have fun together and have a laugh over it.

I play several games and mods that each have diff aspects, here's a short list of the more important games i like to play;
-FA (firearms halflife)
-Homeworld 2
-Enter the matrix
-The Sims

If I was to take part in Prodigy i would probably want to play one of either TS or NS, since they seem to be my favourite mods.

I have been in 2 clans prior to my application, 1, DRS, resulted in clan death, the other, EXP, resulting in a mutiny of the the clan leadership, i was niether here nor there on the matter, so i just left.

My age is 17 (18 in 10 days) and my locale is cornwall, UK
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Postby stuff » Tue May 18, 2004 3:09 pm

What I can contribute:
I am a serious RPer, and enjoy quiality time. I'm a good thinker, not thick headed. I can get the message around, if need be. I have had experience modding before, experience RPing before, Experience mapping before, I know alot of the members, I'm not an arrogant, drivveling, selfish, snobbish, fascist, racist asshole (or any of those) I can take order, I can give orders, Yadda, yadda, yadda :D

What games I play:
Baldur's gate
Diablo II
Medal of Honor
Half life (TS, CS, HLDM, OF)
Dungeon seige
Baldur's gate II
Battlefield 1942

What mods to partake in:
The Specialists, without a doubt. My fav HL mod, and will stay that way. I might think about Diablo II, but I'd much rather be in for TS. I'm not quite sure what else you all do, but whatever you do, I'd consider doing :D

16, Austin, TX, US (Yes, I'm a Texan and American :lol: )
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Postby Hijacker » Mon May 24, 2004 4:53 am

Well, ive been playig on the RP server for a while and its pretty messed up. Anyway im a little bit nice kongfu shooting whatever so i think im gonna be a police guy or a bodyguard or security,

I play :D oD, TS, HL, SV, CZ, CS

Age And Location is: 14 Denmark
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