Dan fucking Dutchy-

Were you banned for no reason or want to plead your case? Then this is the place to suck up.

Ban him.

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Postby Peckels » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:05 pm

OOPS!!! i tough u mead: Dan is a fucking Dutchy (dan futan the admin i tough)
well if people say hes a dmer remove one from no and add one for yes
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Postby Jessie » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:15 pm

You shouldn't vote at all if you don't understand all of whats involved or you don't know who Dan Dutchy is. I myself put down for null since I don't know him well enough.
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Postby DaKilla » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:26 pm

Originally posted by Kefkah@Jul 14 2004, 01:00 PM
This is not based on his duties as an officer... This is about him and the community...

I'd say how he acts in character would be about him and the community. I am a member of the community, just like he is. He has more responsibilty becuase hes an officer and that should reflect his actions.

I take that back. Ban his ass.
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Postby Grunt » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:04 am

hmmmm dan is a awesome cop...... hes the only one who doesnt do a crap job..... and for once he actually acts....... i get pucnhed right inside the PD...... wat do other cops do? they stand there! i say "y dont u do anything" and they say "we are busy" but they are just standing there..... DAN IS A AWESOME GUY........ i think the MCPD needs to go like the secruity guards in Shawshank Redemtion............. just beat the living shit outa criminals when they act up....... sometimes i cant help and think no wonder he goes hard...... when i was in jail for shooting in the sky (i was bored) i simply wwalked with dan and when i was going to jail there are guys banging on the door and acting up......... sheesh!
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Postby Juntalis » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:07 am

Wow, I didn't know that "........." was a real punctuation mark. (O_O)
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Postby Grunt » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:09 am

sorry i say um in real life alot when i talk and i gues ......... is like my train of thought. ill try to stop but its kinda a habit :lol:
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Postby Hwoarang » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:17 am

Dutchy has been bad news from day one. He has done numerous things to annoy the hell out of me. Such examples are making a gang who's sole purpose is to kill the Triads. Cuffing Chan on purpose and lying about it when I saw the whole thing. Giving me shit on the forums that I was "borrowing" a character when more than half the people in this community does too. Constantly bitching over the mic and IRC. He is a good cop at times but he is a GRADE A asshole. Being an asshole will affect your RPing no matter how good of an RPer you are.
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Postby skyline » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:19 am

Dang. Recognize.
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Postby Hwoarang » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:22 am

Hey Chan remember when Dutchy got complained to Dan and you got your admin removed? A lot of people don't know about that.
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Postby Serpha » Thu Jul 15, 2004 12:42 am

so because he got his admin removed, he should be banned? Hmmm good point.... sort of... not?
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